24 Jan 2013

Sunday January 27th: Live Alan Moore double bill

This Sunday, January 27th sees the Lass O'Gowrie in Manchester hosting a thrilling and exclusive double bill of two of Scytheplays and Lass O'Gowrie Productions' recent collaborations, both drawn from the writing of Alan Moore: The Ballad of Halo Jones at 4pm and V for Vendetta at 8pm.

The Ballad of Halo Jones, based on Moore's comic strip serialised in 2000AD from 1984 to 1985 and drawn by Ian Gibson, is a restaging of the production recently performed at Leeds Thought Bubble in November 2012.  Ross Kelly and Ian Winterton's adaptation premiered to rave reviews at the Lass last January and is now returning home with an expanded and refined script.  The Fiction Stroker was present at the show's staging in Leeds and you can read his review of the production here.

Halo Jones (Morag Peacock). Photo: Elysian Photography

Meanwhile, V for Vendetta - adapted by Sean Mason from the 1983-88 comic book series written by Moore with art by David Lloyd, originally serialised in Warrior magazine - has just played to packed audiences from January 8th to 13th as part of Midwinter Lassfest.  The production has received very positive reviews from The Good Reviews, What's On Stage and the Fiction Stroker - as well as one not very positive one from The Public Reviews, but we can handle that.  Forbidden Planet Online have also published an interview with V actor, and The Ballad of Halo Jones director, Daniel Thackeray in which he discusses the double bill and the challenges of adapting a comic book for the stage.

V (Daniel Thackeray) in the Shadow Gallery. Photo: Ben Dobbs
The 'rep company' feel of the two productions enhances what should already prove to be a very special day of entertainment for both comic fans and people who love fringe theatre.  The two plays share several cast members, notably Sinead Parker, who stars as Rodice in Halo and as Evey in V, while that play's Eric Finch, Marlon Solomon, plays several roles in Halo including Mix Ninegold.  Other actors who appear in both shows include Leni Murphy, who has just received rave reviews for her multiple turns in Yer Maun Productions' Harvey, (Toy Molto in Halo/Rosemary Almond in V), Carly Tarett (Brinna Childresse-Lao/Dr Delia Surridge) and Brian Gorman (Peter Creedy), making his Halo debut as the Proximen and the Captain.  Meanwhile V's adapter, Sean Mason, appears in Halo as the Glyph and Paida Noel, from last year's production of Halo, now appears in V as Valerie Page.

Mix Ninegold (Marlon Solomon).  Photo: Hannah Telfer
The Man (Michael Whittaker) and Evey (Sinead Parker).  Photo: Ben Dobbs
Valerie (Paida Noel).  Photo: Ben Dobbs
Attendance at the plays costs £10 for each show individually and £12 for the double-bill.  Unfortunately online tickets have already sold out both for the V for Vendetta performance and for the double bill, but you can book tickets to see The Ballad of Halo Jones at this link.  There will be some tickets available on the door for both shows, but these will be sold on a first-come, first served basis so be early!  Enquiries about reserving tickets can be made via phone to the Lass on 0161 273 6932.

6 Jan 2013

V for Vendetta: almost here

As V for Vendetta nears its start date, here are some shots from the final rehearsals showing director Ross Kelly working with actors Marlon Solomon (Eric Finch) and Daniel Thackeray (V).  The show begins this Tuesday at the Lass O'Gowrie, January 8th with showings at 6.30pm and 9pm, then continues on Wednesday at 2.30pm (half-price matinee) and 6.30pm, Thursday at 6pm and Sunday 13th at 8pm.  Tickets (including concessions) are available to purchase online here.