18 Jul 2015

Success for Together in Electric Dreams!

Scytheplays are pleased to report that the new tour of Together in Electric Dreams has proved very successful so far, with several near-sell-out audiences, great reaction and reviews.

The show was a big hit at Manchester's Albert's Chop House on Tuesday 14th July, with reviewer-in-attendance Brian Gorman praising the show highly on his blog.  (Full disclosure: Brian is an old friend of Scytheplays, having played Peter Creedy in V for Vendetta, but those who look to the earliest entries on this blog will note that actor/artist Brian was giving us great reviews long before he was our friend!)

The first two shows at the Buxton Fringe Festival have also gone well, with another good review and particular praise for Steve Cain's debut performances as Alan Sugar.

Not only has the show done well with the critics yet again, but the audience reaction has been overwhelmingly positive too - "One of the best pieces of fringe theatre I've ever seen," said one person who saw the show at Albert's Chop House.  GM Fringe photographer Shay Rowan was present at that performance to capture the images seen here.

The final two performances on this tour, again at Buxton but with Matthew O'Neill returning to the Sugar role, take place on Sunday 19th and Wednesday 22nd July, both at 1.15pm and tickets can be booked here.

4 Jul 2015

Support the Together in Electric Dreams Crowdfunder - EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!

Matthew O'Neill (Alan Sugar, far left) and Daniel Thackeray (Sir Clive Sinclair, far right)
meet Crowdfunder contributors Paul Mallinson (with programme) and Michael Rumney at Oldham Library
Photo: John Finbarr Whittaker

On June 26th Scytheplays Ltd launched a Crowdfunder campaign to raise money to help cover the costs of the current tour of Together in Electric Dreams - an initial target of £300 to cover the cost of hiring venues and registering with festivals, and a stretch target of £600 to cover publicity and travel expenses.  If these targets are met, it means that the cast and crew will be able to share the money from the ticket sales as reward for all their hard work.

The Together in Electric Dreams team have been humbled and delighted by the support shown for the campaign in the week since it began.  Thanks to the generosity of many supporters, the initial target has already been met.  The project now needs a further £250 to meet its stretch target.

To everyone who has pledged so far, Gareth, Mat, Dan, Jess, Steve, Pete and Paul give you their heartfelt thanks.  The response has been wonderful and astonishing, and it's very touching to us that so many of you find our production worthy of your support.

The Crowdfunder campaign offers a variety of unique and fun rewards to backers depending on how much they pledge, ranging from signed programmes to the chance to take tea with the show's lead actors in Buxton.  Paul Mallinson - pictured above - chose to pledge to have his name featured in the play itself, and as the photo above shows, was thrilled with the results when he saw the show at Oldham Library this week (in a delightfully English, reserved way)!

If you're a fan of Together in Electric Dreams and Scytheplays, please support the show by sharing the link to the Crowdfunder, spreading the word, and coming to see us if you can.

Click on the link to see an extended version of the specially-filmed Crowdfunder video (not available on the Crowdfunder site), featuring Daniel Thackeray as Sir Clive and Matthew O'Neill as Alan.  (Apologies, however, for the poor sound quality, due to weather, in some of the extended sequences - which is partly why we ultimately cut them from the main video.)

The tour is now underway, with near-sell-out audiences for the first performances in Dobcross and Oldham, and a very encouraging critical response from the Oldham Chronicle and the Public Reviews.

The next performance is at 10pm at Pauper's Pit (Underground Venues), Buxton on Thursday July 9th.  Booking details for this and the subsequent performances are in the previous blog post.