3 Jan 2017

Arise, The Faces At The Window!

Scytheplays Ltd is proud and rather excited to announce its first production of 2017.  In a co-production with Lilaloka Productions and Hat Hair Productions, the company is producing the first performances of a brand-new sketch comedy group, The Faces At The Window.  The show is called Looking At The Lesser Postcodes and will premiere in Oldham, Lancashire on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th January 2017.

The Faces At The Window comprises five writer/performers: Victoria May (The Butterfly Catcher, Under Manc Wood), Richard Barry (well-known in Manchester as a comic and singer-songwriter), Steve Cain (Together in Electric Dreams, The Best), Edward Barry (A Holiday From What?and Scytheplays' Who@50: An Unearthly Child) and Daniel Thackeray (Together in Electric Dreams, The Haunting of Blaine Manor).

Their show, Looking at the Lesser Postcodes, will be the first in a planned series which will reveal the peculiar and comedic characters lurking near some of the UK's most unremarkable postcodes, showcased in sketches and comic songs in the style of a radio comedy show recording.  Following its debut in Oldham it is planned to take the show to other parts of Greater Manchester and around the country.  Looking at the Lesser Postcodes is directed by Scytheplays regular Ross Kelly (V for Vendetta, Wine of India) and Richard Barry's songs will be accompanied by a full band.

The Faces At The Window (Photo: Shay Rowan)
The performances take place in the Performance Space at Oldham Library as part of Live@thelibrary, a regular and eclectic series of performances at the venue which has found great success since its inception in 2015.  As with all Live@thelibrary events, the performances begin at 7pm.

Tickets can be bought on the door or booked via the Library's Eventbrite page (booking in advance is advised).  In addition to the £5 full-price tickets given on the poster above, £4 concessionary tickets are also available.