25 Feb 2013

V for Vendetta comes to the Sci-Fi Weekender!

The poster art for V at the Sci-Fi Weekender, created by Jake Geen

After large audiences and great reviews for V for Vendetta's run at the Lass O'Gowrie in January (not to mention a sell-out audience for the final double-bill of with The Ballad of Halo Jones), the show is making a swift comeback - but with a difference.  The new performance will be staged at the Sci-Fi Weekender in Wales on March 2nd.

One of the country's biggest science fiction conventions, the Weekender (formerly known as the SFX Weekender) is has now been running annually for four years.  Organisers Area 51, on seeing V in Manchester, invited Lass O'Gowrie Productions and Scytheplays to bring the show to their event.  However, this version of V for Vendetta will be substantially retooled to fit the needs of the hugely popular Weekender - which has a packed schedule already brimful of exciting entertainment and guests from the world of science fiction and fantasy, including actors Craig Charles (who will be bringing his famed DJ set), Peter Davison (Doctor Who), Brian Blessed (Wizards Versus Aliens) and Chase Masterson (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), and authors like Simon Clark (Blood Crazy) and Ben Aaronovitch (Moon Over Soho), among dozens of others.

Writer Sean Mason and director Ross Kelly have worked hard to create a new, streamlined adaptation of the graphic novel.  A number of Alan Moore's original characters and subplots have had to be excised to achieve a shorter running time, and this, plus scheduling conflicts, mean that, very sadly, original cast members Michael Whittaker, Tori Tunnah and Paida Noel are unable to appear in the new version.  However, the brilliant duo of Leni Murphy and Daniel Blake - who memorably played the Almonds in the Manchester production - have stepped in to play Valerie and Dominic Stone.  Returning from the Manchester production will be Sinead Parker as Evey Hammond, Daniel Thackeray as V, Marlon Solomon as Eric Finch, Carly Tarett as Delia Surridge, Jez Smith as Lewis Prothero and Stuart Hudson as Bishop Lilliman.  Musician Nathexious is creating new musical themes for the Weekender production.

Lass O'Gowrie Productions' Gareth Kavanagh said, "I've long thought that theatre deserves a place at the table at the great conventions so it's an honour to be bringing V to the Sci-Fi Weekender.  And with original V editor and old pal Dez Skinn in the audience...  No pressure!"