18 Sep 2015

Together in Electric Dreams - award-nominated and back on stage soon at Eurocon!

Sir Clive Sinclair (Daniel Thackeray) and Alan Sugar (Matthew O'Neill) - their struggle for
computing supremacy immortalised in this photo by Shay Rowan
The recent North-West mini-tour of Together in Electric Dreams proved extremely popular with audiences in Oldham, Buxton and the show's native town of Manchester.  The show continued to receive mostly very positive notices throughout its run - the word 'mostly' being used in the interests of total honesty, with the Fringe Guru and Manchester Salon giving rather differing appraisals of the piece - and Lass Productions and Scytheplays Ltd are extremely gratified that the Buxton Fringe Awards nominated the play in the category of 'Best New Writing'.

Ross Kelly, Steve Cain and patron at the Greater Manchester Fringe Awards
Photo: Paul Husband
Sir Clive actor and writer of Together in Electric Dreams, Daniel Thackeray, was also surprised and privileged to receive 'Spirit of the Fringe' at the Greater Manchester Fringe Awards, recognising his ability to appear in, work on and support more shows at Manchester's annual fringe festival than is strictly sane.  With typical cool (or else comic ineptitude) Dan was extremely late to the awards party and so the award was received on his behalf by frequent Scytheplays collaborator Ross Kelly and the new Alan Sugar himself, Steve Cain.  Ross was the the director of Hat Hair Productions' Under Manc Wood, in which Steve and Dan also appeared, and which also won an awrad as 'Best Revival/Adaptation'.

Sir Clive (Daniel Thackeray) and Akiko (Jess Lee)
Photo: Shay Rowan
Scytheplays Ltd and Lass Productions harbour plans to bring the show back in a big way in 2016, but before that Together in Electric Dreams is will be performed at EuroCon 2015, held at the No 1 Club, Blackpool between Friday 2nd and Sunday 4th October.  EuroCon is an event for European devotees of classic gaming which has been running annually since 1999, and the Together in Electric Dreams team are thrilled to be able to contribute.  The performance will be held at 3pm on Saturday the 3rd, although please note attendance is only possible for those who have bought a ticket for the overall event (which are excellent value at £20 for a whole weekend of activities).

Steve Cain, Jess Lee and Daniel Thackeray are already gearing up to return to their roles - with Steve due to film special video sequences imminently!

We hope to announce more news about future performance of TOgether in Electric Dreams very soon.